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Smell the Glove

What's wrong with being sexy?

State of Babel is a local Denver, CO metal band. Contact us for booking information, peruse this page to learn more about us, or visit the store to buy Music, Swag, and tickets to our upcoming shows!

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Why Bother?

Calvin "Bail Money" Cohee founded State of Babel in 2017 with the goal of playing loud music in dive bars, and by god he pulled it off. Influenced by bands like Between the Buried and Me, Lamb of God, Sly and the Family Stone, Bullet for my Valentine, and many others Calvin "Sleepy Sweepy" Cohee has developed a musical experience that both enthralls and enrages audiences. "Kill the nonbeliever they shout", but he will never emerge from that dark cellar. 

With the addition of Jason "There is Hair Under This Hat" Livingston on Vocals, Luke "Get Off My Lawn" Anderson on Guitar, Jason "Why Does Everyone Call you Keith" Dorwart on Bass, and Brian "It's A Real Instrument" Clark on the Drums State of Babel was formed. 

So go ahead and buy a pre-sale ticket, I know it's a Tuesday, but we go on early, and it will save you $2 off the door price.

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